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Daughter inspires Upstate man to lose nearly 200 pounds in 1 year

Scott Wood with his daughter Morgan. (June 24, 2014/FOX Carolina) Scott Wood with his daughter Morgan. (June 24, 2014/FOX Carolina)

An Upstate man lost nearly 200 pounds in just under a year. Scott Wood said he changed his lifestyle to drop the weight and was inspired by his daughter.

Wood explained that a parent's love for his child is above all else. And so when his then second-grader told him she didn't want to go to a swimming party for fear of getting made fun of if he took off his shirt, he knew he had to make a change.

He said at his heaviest he weighed 515 pounds, and had a hard time finding clothes in the Upstate big enough to fit him. He tried gastric bypass surgery 10 years ago. But within a few years gained the weight back.

"I would eat until I was absolutely full and the whole time I would be sitting there going, ‘man I could not wait until my next meal. I wonder where we're going,'" Wood said.

He said little by little he added more activity into his daily routine. He started with one hour a day. But now he runs or works out four hours a day. Wood still eats some of what he wants, like his twice-a-day Starbucks run, but he's mindful of how much he eats and makes sure he burns more calories than he takes in.

He was hurt when his daughter, Morgan, now 10, was embarrassed by him so he made her a promise. 

"When he tucked me in bed that night, I remember that he said, ‘just give me, give me one year, and I'll be skinny,'" Morgan said.

She believed him, and he did it. Wood turned drinking and eating all he can into running. He's run three half-marathons and a Spartan mud run in the last year.

He said he now has money for things he wants, doesn't have to take the medications he needed before, and feels good.

"People look at you different. People treat you different. People will talk to me now that used to wouldn't have a lot to do with me, now they do. It's amazing how people treat you and how things change as you lose weight,"  Wood said.

Morgan said she's proud of her dad and thrilled that she gets to hit the roller coasters with him, along with other activities he couldn't physically manage before.

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