Study: 25k jobs to be created in Charleston area over next five years

Study: 25k jobs to be created in Charleston area over next five years

Experts predict 25,000 jobs are coming right here to the Charleston area over the next five years.

Industry leaders like Boeing, BenefitFocus and Sparc are just a few of the companies offering high paying and competitive jobs.

It's a race to keep up with our booming community.

"We're going to grow our own talent," said Bryan Derreberry, CEO of Charleston Metro Chamber of Commerce.

Folks at the Charleston Metro Chamber of Commerce have a laser-like focus on the future.

"We're going to grow about 7 times faster in the job market than we've had over the last five years," said Mary Graham, Senior VP of Charleston Metro Chamber of Commerce.

The chamber's Talent Demand Analysis found that 25,000 jobs are coming our way over the next five years. Now they have a good idea of which industries will be the most popular.

Graham said, "Those are in the area of manufacturing, assembly, computer and I.T. jobs, even in sales and marketing."

Those growing companies already employ thousands across our region.

"It demonstrates the strength of our economy. At the same time it shows that we are going to need talented employees to fill those coming jobs," said Derreberry.

The chamber says the more skill and education people living here have, the better off they will be.

Derreberry said, "The whole game plan as it's implemented will be to build a seamless pipeline, even going back to second or third grade."

Those children will then narrow down their interests as they get older.

"Many of our regional high schools now, they'll have a chance to enter into a career academy. And those academies are specifically geared toward these high demand job fills," said Derreberry.

The chamber is also working with colleges to figure out which degrees are needed to help people in our region qualify for jobs.

They say it's a race against time, especially now that more baby boomers are retiring.

"Many of employers over the next five years will have 20, 30, and 40 percent of their work force retiring," Derreberry said, "So the sooner we get good at matching up future employment opportunities with available employees, the better we'll be able to grow as a region."

The chamber worked with community groups and higher education institutions for this study.

The report is done every five years.

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