Fans watch World Cup instead of working

Fans watch World Cup instead of working

A new study from Captivate Network shows more than $1.6 billion of productivity has been lost over the last two weeks from people watching the World Cup instead of doing work.

Thursday at noon fans packed Dig in the Park in North Charleston to watch the US men's team play Germany. The US advanced despite losing and will play Belgium next Tuesday also during work hours. The game kicks off at 4 pm.

Jason Gager tried to make up for time lost today, though.

The soccer fan brought his laptop to the bar to try to get as much work done as he could.

"Kind of set things up with our boss, and they were really cool at my work," Gager said. "I started work early, came up here to get a seat early, used the Wi-Fi to have a chance to work for the hour leading up to the game, and then closed than laptop and started watching."

Gager said he would agree with the $1.6 billion from what he's seen at his office.

"With internet access and that sort of thing being so available, I'm positive people are checking the game out if they have a second screen or have it in the background so they can flip over when the announcer gets really excited," Gager said.

The Captivate Network study also showed that a 50 percent of workers admitted to watching at least part of the World Cup while they were supposed to be working.

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