Hanahan police use license plate photos to fight crime

Hanahan police use license plate photos to fight crime

HANAHAN, SC (WCSC) - There are an extra set of eyes helping to fight crime in Hanahan.

The city purchased two Automated License Plate Readers (ALPR) located at Eagle Landing and Otranto Road.

The mounted cameras take digital stills of vehicle license plates. That information is then entered into a statewide database.

"If a vehicle comes through and it has a suspended tag, it's got no insurance, or it's stolen, it will send out an alert to our dispatch center," said Hanahan Police Chief Mike Cochran.

The $36,000 purchase was approved by City Council in February and installed in June.

"They're so new, they're in newborn diapers," said Chief Cochran jokingly.

Chief Cochran said he had his eye on the technology since 2007, but jumped at the opportunity this year now that the purchase was financially possible.

"Unlike cars that get more expensive every year, license plate recognition and technology and computers, everything gets cheaper every year," he said.

Community members spoke highly of the new purchase.

"I can lay down at night and not have to worry about anybody kicking in my doors," said North Charleston resident Thomas Faulks.

Natasha Moseng of Goose Creek was also pleased with the move.

"If you're not out there committing crimes, or doing things against the law, then you really have nothing to worry about," she said.

"Instead of the officer having to go to the convenience store and asking for their video, or asking to see the car dealerships video, we're actually able to go in and take a look at what we have," added Chief Cochran. "If a crime were to occur, we have the ability to investigate it."

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