Chief: Video proves officer not responsible for motorcycle wreck

Chief: Dashcam video proves officer not responsible for motorcycle wreck

BERKELEY COUNTY, SC (WCSC) - The police chief for the Town of Jamestown released dash cam video Friday he says proves one his officers was not responsible for an accident during a motorcycle club's charity run.

The Disciple Christian Motorcycle Club blames the officer for the accident that happened during a run for charity last Saturday. About 40 to 50 club members came through the town on Highway 45.

Chief Jay High says some of the bikers stopped at the stop sign at an intersection but most of them did not.

"They're just streaming across the intersection, not slowing down, that's very dangerous," High said.

High says one of his officers tried to make a traffic stop.

"Officer Moultrie decided to go far left around to go to the front of the pack to stop them and he's going around the pack. Some bikes on the right hand side apparently braked hard."

It's what happened next that caused an uproar from the motorcycle club: on the video, one motorcycle goes down and the rider and passenger are injured.

Afterwards, club president James Johnson posted a comment on the club's Facebook page, where he said, "Pray for the vengeance of God on the officer." The comment has now been taken down.

Johnson also blamed the officer in a recorded phone message for Chief High, who played it for us.

"He pulled into the middle of a pack, injured people through reckless actions. You can expect a lawsuit by Monday morning first thing," the message said in part.

"To make claims on Facebook, the wrath of God and blatantly he's lying and saying the officer ran people off the road and into a ditch and all these great injuries when one cycle went down actually. You see the video, I find it pretty disturbing," High said. "The accident as you can see is not a result of the enforcement action. It was simply rider error."

We reached out the Disciple Christian Motorcycle Club's attorney to find out if a lawsuit is being considered.

We also called club president James Johnson. Johnson said the officers never identified themselves and were unprofessional.

Chief High says no citations were issued to the bikers because the crowd was getting out of hand and his officer didn't want things to get worse.

Three bikers were hurt, including a 17-year-old girl who suffered scrapes.

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