Great Race rolls into Patriots Point

Great Race rolls through Patriots Point

MOUNT PLEASANT, SC - More than two thousand miles of nostalgia spanning thirteen East Coast states.

That's the Great Race. And the roughly one hundred classic rides taking part made a pit stop at Patriots Point on Friday.

Car models and from 1916 to the 1970's have been strutting their stuff...while putting nearly one hundred year old vehicles to the test.

Replicas of the Dukes of Hazard's General Lee and Mayberry's top cop's ride generated a buzz with locals watching it all from the sidelines.

Joyce Brogdon and her husband acted as a welcoming committee.

Brodon says, "letting them know we're glad they're in Charleston."

Antique car lover, Reg Brown has a personal connection to the classics. Brown says his father was a designer for the well known but beloved failure called the Edsel.

Yet watching the parade of old school hod rods like the Studebaker rev by, inspires him to perhaps take his Edsel for a special spin.

Brown says, "it makes me want to do the Great Race next year."

The race isn't all about speed, but organizers say a hundred and fifty grand is at stake.

Participating drivers say they enjoy the attention the trek through each city gives them.

Driver Jay Reinan says, "we get to see parts of America, that are, just great. Charleston's a beautiful city. I mean this is gonna be one of the best stops we're gonna have."

The Great Race started in Maine and wraps up in The Villages Florida.

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