Beach rentals packed, tourists not too concerned about Arthur

Beach rentals packed, tourists not too concerned about Arthur

FOLLY BEACH, SC (WCSC) - Local realtors on Folly Beach and the Isle of Palms say Arthur doesn't seem to be scaring anyone away from their vacation rentals. They say it will take quite a bit before people give up on their beach vacation.

"We're totally booked up."

"I'll tell you on Folly Beach, Fourth of July week and weekend is about as good as it gets. It's our busiest week of the year."

Ed Iames, the owner of Loggerheads Beach Grill, says he and his bar have braved plenty of storms.

"We're never excited to hear about a hurricane or tropical storm coming at us, but Folly has this little bubble around us and sometimes we don't give up on it until the day passes and the storm hits."

LaJuan Kennedy says her vacation rentals for this week were booked in January and February. She says she will monitor the weather and Arthur's progression over the next 24 hours.

"If it veers off like they can do, then we'll start to get the calls. Specifically, what do we do? Do we need to leave town? Do we need to evacuate?

Kennedy says if the storm hits worse than expected, she and her staff will shift gears.

"We have to go in what we call hurricane mode if they get closer because there are houses to shut down and things to do to plan for that. So, it's always there."

Tourists say they wouldn't mind a day indoors.

"If we get some high weather tomorrow, we'll probably go into town, maybe do some shopping," says Ceci Dittmar of McCormick, South Carolina. "We'll watch."

"We're crossing our fingers, and if it gets bad we'll make a plan," says Philadelphia resident Matt Yates.