Sections of Folly Beach underwater after downpour

Beach-goers were scrambling to stay dry on Folly Beach instead of spending time in the ocean.

A downpour Sunday caused flooding and canceled events.

Some people are sick of the flooding, while others are willing to make their way through the rising water.

Police had no choice but to block off streets while many drivers carefully made their way through flooded areas.

"I feel like we own the roads. It's fun, that's why we have a four wheel drive truck. All we need now is some mud," said a family driving through the high water.

Not everyone was okay with the standing water.

"It seems to be getting worse," said homeowner Sam Meader.

Meader says his rental units were blocked by the water.

"This was only two hours worth of rain. I don't know when we get a monsoon lasting for a couple days what we're going to do. You can see here it's worse than it's ever been and I hope the city and county does something about it," said Meader.

All of this flooding happened during low tide. City mayor, Tim Goodwin says there's more work to be done, even after a million dollar storm drainage project was completed three years ago.

"It happens all the time," said Skipper Weatherford, owner of Sand Dollar Social Club.

"All you can do is wait for the water to go down, clean it up, back open for business," said Weatherford.

Weatherford says his business does take a hit when it floods.

"Nobody can come in, nobody can go. We're two hours behind opening now," said Weatherford.

Folks across the street at Rita's Seaside Grille were just glad the flooding didn't happen during high tide.

General Manager Alex Floroff said, "Oh yeah, It would've definitely probably went in half our restaurant."

Lightening caused a surfing competition to be cancelled, but that wasn't enough to turn beach-goers away on a stormy day.

Mayor Goodwin says the city has a list of on-going projects which includes, redoing ditches and the outfalls, which are areas where the water empties into the surrounding marsh.

He says they are working with the state and Charleston County to develop new projects.?

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