Sheheen's clear stance on the unclear future of nuclear waste in SC

Sheheen's clear stance on the unclear future of nuclear waste in SC

Democratic candidate for Governor Vincent Sheheen came to the Lowcountry Tuesday morning to voice his opposition with the proposal to bring German nuclear waste to South Carolina.

Sheheen stood with state leaders to address the proposal, by the federal government, that would allow a large number of radio active nuclear spheres to come from Germany to Charleston's port. The waste would then be transferred through South Carolina to the Savannah River.

"It's not right for South Carolina to bear that burden," said Senator Sheheen. "Let me be clear, South Carolina is not a nuclear waste dump. We will not allow our governor to stand by idly. We will not allow this state's voice not to be heard."

This is all part of his contentious campaign leading up to a November battle at the polls against incumbent Republican Governor Nikki Haley.

"I'm proud of the fact that real people out in South Carolina want to have a change in leadership," said Senator Sheheen." They want to have a governor they can be proud of, that's tired of failure, that's tired of seeing big pot holes in the roads, is tired of seeing too many schools fail. I think it's exciting to move forward and if all she can do is attack me, I think we're on the right track."

The Department of Energy is still analyzing the proposal before an official decision is made.

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