CARTA: Former chief to receive $70K severance payment

CARTA: Former chief to receive $70K severance payment
CARTA routes are back to normal after the Wando Bridge closure. (Source: Live 5)
Christine Wilkinson (Photo Source: CARTA)
Christine Wilkinson (Photo Source: CARTA)

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - The Charleston Area Regional Transportation Authority will pay its former executive director a lump-sum payment of $70,000 under a severance agreement signed on June 20, according to CARTA spokesman Daniel Brock.

That amount is more than half of the $130,000 salary Christine Wilkinson earned as executive director.

"The length and quality of her tenure were considered when reaching this agreement," Brock said.

Wilkinson, 44, resigned from her position last month following a arrest on a disorderly conduct charge.

CARTA will also pay Wilkinson $4,654 toward health insurance premiums as part of the agreement, Brock said. She will also be allowed to keep her CARTA-issued cell phone, computer and iPad, as long as CARTA files are deleted, Brock said.

CARTA chair Elliot Summey says Wilkinson was a contractual employee and had asked for a jury trial.

CARTA could have put her on administrative leave with pay, but Summey says if the trial had lasted a day over 6 months CARTA would have lost money.

The board decided to cut its losses rather than continuing to pay Wilkinson through what could be a lengthy court situation.

He adds the two parties came to an amicable resolution and that they wish her the best of luck.

Wilkinson had been arrested on June 17 following what police described as a drunken altercation with staff at a hotel.

CARTA officials accepted Wilkinson's resignation during an executive session on June 20, calling her "a loyal public servant for more than two decades" and thanking her for her service and "the numerous advances she made for public transportation in the region."

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