Four good alternatives to drinking water to keep you hydrated in the heat

Four good alternatives to drinking water to keep you hydrated in the heat

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - With the hot summer months upon us and people spending more time outside, keeping your body hydrated is very important.

It's easy for your body to lose valuable fluids by sweating which can lead to dehydration, and by the time you feel like you are thirsty it's actually too late.

"It's really easy to get dehydrated," said MUSC Sodexo Dietitian Debbie Petipain."We're busy, we're active and if you're in the pool you may not even feel the fact that you are getting hot."

Petipain says the best thirst quencher to drink throughout the day is water and you can jazz it up from time to time.

"Water is best but it can get boring after a while, but you can flavor it with a slice or two of your favorite fruit slices or fresh mint or herbs out of the garden," Petipain said.

Another great replacement for just water is also natural carbonated sparkling water which gives you the feeling of soda without the added sugar.

Low fat milk has also been proven to help quench the body being that it is primarily made of water and can count towards your goal of glasses of water a day.

If you usually have a cup or two of tea or coffee they too count towards your water goal.

"To stay hydrated it's really fluids you need so even soups or juicy fruits...those things help us get in the extra fluid that we need," Petipain said.

Petipain also says there are plenty of drinks to stay away from.

"If you are trying to hydrate and watch your weight, you want to stay away from the sugary drinks, sodas, the punches and the things with a lot of sugar," Petipain said.

When it comes to sports drinks, Petipain says unless you are doing extreme activities or working outside for an hour or more you should limit drinking them.

Most sports drinks are not recommended due to their high amounts of added sugar and sodium.

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