'Oatmeal Recipe' helping to develop talent in the Lowcountry

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - There is a new movement in the local basketball community thanks to College of Charleston athletic Hall of Famer Jermel President.

It's called the Oatmeal Recipe.

The goal is to improve the chances of kids in our area playing at higher levels of the sport by making sure they are well-rounded.

Jermel President believes athletes need more to eat on than just talent.

The former Burke standout says so many Lowcountry basketball players from poorer neighborhoods aren't receiving the training in fundamentals, academics and nutrition.

The Oatmeal Recipe is a program to help change that.

Starting in January, President and his group will take 50 kids, ages 7-12, from around the area and build in to them throughout the year with two practices a week plus help in education.

The plan is to continue to work with them as they grower older and become prospects in high school.

Another local basketball celebrity is on board, big-time college referee Teddy Valentine.

Valentine sees the need for the Oatmeal Recipe if the sport is going to grow in our area like football and baseball.

President is also getting a lot of help from the North Charleston Recreation Department which will send about a third of the kids that make up the first group for the Oatmeal Recipe.

Despite all of this support, President is still working on convincing local high school and college coaches why they should be a part of this.

And there's work to do with parents, as well.

The selection process for the Oatmeal Recipe will start after the Gus Macker 3-on-3 tournament in North Charleston in a few weeks.

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