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Reward offered, security changes in place after suspect escapes custody in Rowan


A reward is now being offered and security issues addressed after a suspect in a vehicle chase jumped the fence at the magistrate's office in Salisbury and ran.

On Wednesday at around 10:30 am, deputies from the Rowan County Sheriff's Office arrested Jameel Kenneth Stephens-Maddox, 21, of 810 Fourth St., Spencer.  

The arrest occurred at 1320 Longview Ave., Salisbury, and was for seven outstanding criminal papers.

Deputies went to 1313 Park Ave., Salisbury, in an attempt to locate Jameel Stephens-Maddox, and upon approaching the residence, the suspect ran out the back door, according to deputies.

Deputies chased Stephens-Maddox and caught him at the 1320 Longview Ave., Salisbury address.

Deputies took Stephens-Maddox to the Rowan County Magistrate's Office to present the him to the Magistrate to complete service of the papers, have bond set, and obtain release orders from the magistrate, to be provided to the Detention Center. 

A WBTV reporter saw deputies taking Stephens-Maddox from a patrol car to the magistrate's office.  at the time, Stephens-Maddox was handcuffed.  He was wearing a dirty white tee shirt and baggy jean shorts.

Once taken inside the office, deputies obtained an additional warrant for arrest, on Stephens-Maddox, for resist, obstruct, and delay for having to chase him prior to his arrest at the Longview Avenue address. 

Stephens-Maddox was handcuffed to a metal bar, in the prisoner holding area, of the Rowan County Magistrate's Office, and deputies were working with the on duty magistrate to complete the required paperwork. 

During the time that deputies were obtaining paperwork so that Stephens-Maddox could be taken to the Rowan County Detention Center, Stephens-Maddox was able to work his hand out of the handcuffs used to secure him to the metal bar in the holding area. 

Once free from the handcuffs, Stephens-Maddox exited the door, jumped onto a patrol vehicle parked in the fenced in area of the magistrate's office, and was able to make his way over the razor wire above the fence. 

Stephens-Maddox may have been able to make his way to the roof of the magistrate's office, and then jump to the ground outside the fenced in area. 
Rowan County Sheriff's deputies and Salisbury Police Officers were alerted and immediately began searching the area around the magistrate's office for Stephens-Maddox.  

On Thursday, officials with Rowan County Facilities Maintenance and Sheriff Auten, along with other Sheriff's Staff regarding security concerns at the Rowan County Magistrate's Office. 

Several security concerns were presented by Sheriff Auten, and he requested that they be addressed immediately.  County Facilities Maintenance staff are working to address these concerns as soon as possible, according to Captain John Sifford.

At present, staff with Rowan County Facilities Maintenance are obtaining pricing from contractors who specialize in providing work that involves fencing & other security features, at detention & prisoner holding facilities.   
Rowan County Sheriff's Office staff are reviewing the events that occurred leading up to prisoner Stephens-Maddox escape from the Magistrate's Office. 

It has been determined that prisoner, Jameel Stephens-Maddox, was secured to a metal bar, by handcuffs behind his back, in the Rowan County Magistrate's Office holding area. 

Stephens-Maddox was able to manipulate his hands out of the metal cuffs, that had been placed on both of his wrists, and was then able to leave the holding area. 
The incident and actions of the Deputies involved in the arrest of Stephens-Maddox continue to be reviewed by Sheriff's Office Staff. 

The Rowan Sheriff's Office would like to offer a reward of $1000, to be paid for information as to the location of Jameel Stephens-Maddox that leads to his capture. 

Anyone with information as to the location of Jameel Stephens-Maddox can call the Rowan County Sheriff's Office Criminal Investigative 1st. Lieutenant Chad Moose at 704-216-8687 or 911.

Maddox is described as a black male with dreadlocks wearing a white t-shirt and jean shorts.

Anyone who sees the man should call 911.

Stephens-Maddox has an extensive criminal record that includes past charges for assaulting a school official, resisting police, carrying a concealed weapon, and assault.

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