SC teen says lightning hit nearby fence, shocking him

SC teen says lightning hit nearby fence, shocking him

An Upstate teenager was shocked by a nearby lightning strike Thursday afternoon, according to EMS.

Spartanburg County emergency workers responded just after 4 p.m. Thursday to reports of a teen struck by lightning.

According to dispatchers, the 15-year-old was shocked by lighting that struck chain link fencing in the 100 block of Blue Springs Circle.  The teen said he was trying to get puppies out of the kennel and into the house when the lightning hit.

Duncan Fire Department and EMS responded to the scene.

Neighbor Susie Salters said, “It was like he was disoriented, just stunned, said he was aching all over. Then he said his heart started hurting. And I said, “Oh yeah, you need some medical help."

The teen was taken to the hospital to get checked out.

Thunderstorms were expected to move through the area throughout the evening, and, as always with thunderstorms, residents should be aware of potential lightning danger.

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