Federal government standing in the way of medical marijuana in SC

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - There's a new roadblock for families with children who suffer severe forms of epilepsy.

While South Carolina's new law allows the use of medical marijuana to treat their children, the federal government is standing in the way.

It is illegal to ship the medical marijuana across state lines.

Jill Swing spent much of her afternoon at the Sycamore Avenue Post Office in West Ashley.

She was mailing one hundred letters to the nation's Secretary of Health and Human Services.

The Charleston mom wants her little girl to have legal access to CBD oil, a form of medical marijuana shown to relieve the severe seizures her daughter Mary Louise suffers daily.

The letters come from families all across the country who have the same request.

They are hoping to get Washington's attention.

"These children are our most vulnerable citizens, and of course I am fighting on a personal level, " Swing said. "It is our duty to help and protect them," she contends.

The Swing family spent most of the year convincing conservative leaders to change the law in South Carolina.

Just weeks ago, Governor Nikki Haley signed the legislation making it legal in the Palmetto State to treat with CBD oil. But a major hurdle remains.

The federal government doesn't allow any form of medical marijuana to cross state lines. The Swings can't get the CBD oil for Mary Louise.

"The safest most reliable source we know of is in Colorado, " Jill Swing maintains. "So at this time, we have to move to Colorado in order to get it," she said.

At least two South Carolina mothers have moved to Colorado so their sons can be treated with the CBD oil.

The Swings don't plan to move from their Charleston home, so they have turned their attention to the nation's capital to campaign for the change they say would help their daughter.

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