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5 Around Town serves up lunchtime gold for James Island

BLT at Three Little Birds. (Source: Facebook) BLT at Three Little Birds. (Source: Facebook)

Lunchtime is calling your name, and 5 Around Town is coming to the rescue...at least this week for the folks on James Island.

This week we are taking James Island lunch spots for a spin, going heavy on diversity (gourmet, traditional, tacos, seafood, BBQ) while keeping the prices low and time restraints in mind.

1) Three Little Birds

Location: 65 Windermere Blvd.

What to expect: Alright, this Charleston treasure is on the outskirts of James Island (more West Ashley), but I say it's close enough, and good enough, to make it a lunch time necessity. Three Little Birds Cafe serves gourmet-style sandwiches, wraps, salads and more in a cozy little building tucked back in the Windermere Shopping Center. These folks love to get creative, taking your ordinary (see: boring) lunch time favorites and adding a unique spin with super fresh ingredients. On a beautiful day, pull up a seat outside on the patio and enjoy your lunch under the sun. Side note: Three Little Birds has an awesome breakfast/brunch menu that must be experienced.

Facebook: Three Little Birds Cafe

Website: www.threelittlebirdscafe.com

2) Corys Grilled Cheese

Location: 1739 Maybank Hwy. Suite M

What to expect:  These ain't your momma's grilled cheese sandwiches. Corys Grilled Cheese is spicing up this rainy day comfort food by breaking out a plethora of quality cheeses (muenster, pimiento, brie, goat cheese, cheddar, pepper jack...you get the picture) on a mix of breads (beat it, white bread). If that doesn't get you excited, they also have a long list of meat/fruit/veggie options that can be piled on to make something truly special. And yes, they have tomato soup. FYI: Corys does have your boring american cheese on white bread sandwich, but why not live a little?

Facebook: Corys Grilled Cheese

Website: www.corysgrilledcheese.com

3) White Duck Taco Shop

Location: 792 Folly Road

What to expect:  I mentioned the opening of this new taco joint last week, but it is worth an addition to your quick/affordable lunchtime go-to list. White Duck has brought its fresh, creative taco recipes to James Island all the way from Asheville, NC, where it has a HUGE following. For $3.50 a piece, the tacos are affordably priced (and they don't skimp on the ingredients). Just as important, they are quickly served so you have plenty of time to enjoy their greatness before heading back to the office.

White Duck Taco Shop

Website: www.whiteducktacoshop.com

4) Roadside Seafood

Location: 807 Folly Road

What to expect:  Roadside Seafood has opened its first storefront after spending the past two years rolling around town and enjoying the success of their food truck. Roadside goes heavy on the local (as it should), with everything from the fish to the bread and spices coming from Charleston waters and businesses. They are serving up all the seafood favorites, grilled or friend, taco or sandwich, fish and side. The food comes fast, and the prices stay low.

Roadside Seafood

5) Dukes Barbecue

Location:  331 Folly Road

What to expect: This isn't your cutesy BBQ shack. A trip to Dukes is like enjoying a backyard barbecue. Customers are handed paper plates and plastic utensils, before making their way over to the buffet line. Their buffet gives you a never-ending supply of all your delicious BBQ essentials (pulled pork, fried chicken, fixins). And no barbecue spot would be complete without banana pudding. For those looking for to feast, Dukes is the place to do it.
Facebook:  Dukes Barbecue

Do you have any special go-to spots for lunch? Tell us about them!

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