Ravenel to participate in second season of 'Southern Charm' after all

Ravenel to participate in second season of 'Southern Charm' after all

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - Independent U.S. Senate candidate Thomas Ravenel has changed his mind about appearing on a second season of the Bravo TV series, "Southern Charm," according to a statement from the Ravenel campaign.

A day after fans of the series learned there would be a second season of the reality show, Ravenel's campaign announced that he would participate after all.

"I struggled with this decision in light of the political campaign I am undertaking," Ravenel said in a statement. "Ultimately it came down to this: It doesn't make sense to turn down a platform that enables you to spread your ideas to a bigger, more diverse audience. If America is ever going to turn things around, we've got to get rid of this notion that cookie cutter politicians with their blemish-free backgrounds are the way to go. The truth is those are the very politicians who are driving this country into a ditch. That's never been who Thomas Ravenel is - and so owning a part of my life that doesn't fit the typical political mold is fine by me."

Ravenel had previously said he would not participate in the program if it did return for a second season.

According to a release, Southern Charm averaged 1.3 million viewers in its first season.

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