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Council woman accused of using 'n-word' skips public meeting


They're the words that are being heard across the city of Lumpkin and Stewart County. A newly appointed city fire chief was having a conversation with council woman Debbie Stone about city business, when Stone, who is white, allegedly used the n-word to describe the mayor, who is black.

Stone turned down an opportunity to defend herself against the accusation by skipping a scheduled council meeting tonight, July 14.

"I believe that she is racist and I believe that she assumed that I was racist as well," said Jordan.

He didn't want to make waves at the start of his new job, but after consulting with the police chief, Jordan decided to make an official incident report about the language. 

Upon hearing the accusation, the mayor asked Stone to voluntarily resign. 

The president of the Stewart County NAACP wanted to address Stone about the incident at tonight's council meeting, but she was not in attendance.

"I wasn't expecting to see her here because I already got the word that she would not be here tonight, due to some illness or something like that," said Rev. Alfonza Seldon.

The mayor said Stone has yet to speak publicly about the accusation, and right now, there is no official action he can take against her.

"I think the public deserves an answer from her- a response," explains Charles Gibson, mayor of Lumpkin.

Chief Jordan explained what led to Stone allegedly saying to him that the mayor is 'such an n-word' while the two were talking at the fire department:

"There was just the two of us.  It's very difficult for someone to say something in confidence to someone they just met.  And that's what shocked me so much, was that I just met this woman. She didn't know anything about my background, and she just blatantly went out there and used a racial slur which was offensive to me and the city."

The word was allegedly said during a conversation about management of the fire department. Stone has been at odds with the mayor about a failure to buy a new fire truck. 

This is the same issue that the former fire chief of Lumpkin and all of the volunteers at the time resigned over.  There was a disagreement about whether the city had enough money to pay for the truck the chief wanted.  Stone's alleged remark was supposed to be an expression of anger related to that subject.

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