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Storms damage homes, knock down trees in Dorchester neighborhood

Photo by Baker Landscaping Photo by Baker Landscaping

Severe storms that passed through the Lowcountry damaged a number of homes and brought down trees in one Dorchester County neighborhood.

Emergency crews along with area fire departments responded to neighborhoods in Knightsville on Twin Lakes Drive and Central Avenue after reports of downed trees and damage to homes following Tuesday's storms.

Pictures from neighbors in the area showed firefighters chopping a massive tree after it had fallen and blocked a road on Central Avenue. Neighbors who have lived there for 50 years say the tree survived Hurricane Hugo.

A family on Twin Lakes Drive took pictures of damage to their home which included a knocked down fence, damage to their porch and downed trees. The family compared the damage to their home to their experience with Hugo.

Neighbors say the stormed moved a column wooden on their porch that had been there for more than 75 years. It also threw siding off homes, knocked down a flag pole, and destroyed their fence.

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