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Families wait for loved ones after Escapade evacuation


After more than 20 hours since the Escapade set sail, and more than 12 hours since it was supposed to dock, friends and family are left waiting.

People have been waiting on Tybee Island since they got word that the casino boat Escapade was grounded.

"Ever since I found out about it, my sister told me and she told me to let loose, calm down," said Gwendolyn Miller.

Many people have been calling their loved ones stranded on the boat until their phones went dead on the ship.

"It's been a long day because I don't know what to think," said Miller.

There are concerns from family members that some stranded on board the ship have not been able to take their medications, and others are worried about the safety of those on board as reports came in that the ship was tipping to the side.

Some people were able to get updates and pictures from their loved ones, and one woman said she was worried sick until she heard the voice of her sister.

"I was able to get off her phone, off her friend's phone," said Tara Sinclair.

There's relief at the dock as family members are getting updates about the rescue effort, but they're just anxious for them to finally reach land.

There is still some confusion about when and where their loved ones will arrive.

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