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Lawyers lurking on your Facebook page?

Attorney Chevene B. King Attorney Chevene B. King
D. A. Greg Edwards D. A. Greg Edwards

Potential employers aren't the only people who may want to snoop around your Facebook page to find out more about you. Many lawyers look on social media too, to check up on potential jurors.          

What you post on social media could keep you from being chosen to serve on a jury. Lawyers can use public information, including social media posts, when picking a jury.    

"For the purposes of determining if they have pre-trial information or if they have certain pre-trial information of if they have certain bias that might affect their ability to be fair and impartial jurors," said District Attorney Greg Edwards.  

The American Bar Association says it is appropriate for lawyers to look up social media posts. Dougherty County District Attorney Greg Edwards says it's a helpful tool, especially for high profile cases.   

"It will also let us know if they are persons that have connectivity with people who might be on trial," said Edwards.  

Albany attorney Chevene King says he has used social media to help with jury selection. He says online postings can reveal a lot about a person.   "Social media gives you some insight as to what it is that they have as opinions and biases. That you certainly want to take advantage of," said King. 

King says that can help pick a jury that's fair and balanced. If you don't want lawyers, or anyone else you don't know, to see your posts on Facebook posts or Twitter, you need to make sure you have strong privacy settings in place.

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