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Feeling good, but not for long!

From Darren in Easley From Darren in Easley

More of the beautiful weather we experienced on Wednesday is coming for Thursday.  In fact, Thursday morning will be refreshingly cool area-wide.  We could break a record in western North Carolina where the record in Asheville is 54 and I'm forecasting 52 for Thursday morning.  The Upstate record for July 17 is 60, and I'm forecasting 62.  So near-record breaking cool for the lower elevations.

Friday will bring more clouds as an upper disturbance approaches and a warm front lifts to our north.  This will bring back the "muggies" and increase our threat for rain.  Showers will be possible on Saturday with a rain chance of about 40%, but then it gets a little higher for Sunday at 50%.  It won't rain all weekend, but it will be a good idea to have a back-up plan for outdoor activities.

I hope you've been able to enjoy the nice weather!  Stella and I take walks most mornings around 8:30 and this morning it was so enjoyable!  Usually I'm sweating by the first block in our neighborhood, but this time I was much more comfortable.  It's too bad this exceptional weather for July can't stick around for the weekend!!!

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