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Passengers speak out after being stranded on ship


After being stranded on the Escapade Casino ship for more than 16 hours, many passengers said they were very frustrated and angry.

"It was so uncomfortable on there. You could not stand on the boat with it being cocked to the side. There was no where to sleep there was no pillows. You had to have a life jacket on at all times. It made it very uncomfortable and hot," passenger Randy Hill said.

The Coast Guard said they were notified around 1 a.m., but attempts to free the vessel failed, and 16 hours later passengers and crew members were ferried to two Coast Guard vessels to be transported back to land.

"They did all they can. What else can you expect. I mean really. The experience wasn't bad. Until you just think as far as beign delayed and having to miss work. Other than that the experience was kind of enjoyable," passenger Anthony Gilbert said.

It was clear everyone was happy to be back.

"Dude, I'm so glad to be back. Hungry, tired and sweaty," Gilbert said.

From the vessels, passengers were shutlled back to their cars.

The Coast Guard said they are going to have to wait until high tide to try and free the casino ship again.

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