Tree falls into Moncks Corner home

Tree falls into Moncks Corner home

Berkeley County Supervisor Dan Davis said the county didn't see much damage from Tuesday night's storms but don't tell that to Jeff Hodges.

Tuesday night, Hodges, a Moncks Corner resident, said he didn't think the storm was doing much damage until he saw tree in his yard had crashed right through his ceiling and into a bedroom where a family member was sleeping.

He said the water from the storm destroyed the carpet and some family mementos, but that overall the damage wasn't too bad.

''I'm sure once the smoke clears and everything clears, there's probably, we're going to find some stuff that we lost, but we tried to salvage what we could," Hodges said.

A tree service crew member who came to get the tree out of Hodges's house says the tree had some left over damage from the ice storm.

''A lot of times these situations can be prevented by having your trees expected yearly," Nate Ball of Schneider Tree Care said. ''These are the largest items on our property and can be the most dangerous if there's some sort of existing condition in them.''

Berkeley County spent $4 million on clean up from the ice storm but County Supervisor Dan Davis said it still has $12 million in reserves it can use if a big storm comes through.

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