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Police searching for one suspect after attempted robbery, chase


Police are still searching for a man who fled the scene after a high speed chase early Thursday.

Police said four men attempted to rob a man at a house on Lawton Street, and three are in custody. One man is still on the loose.

The high speed chase ended when the suspects' car slammed into a house on Live Oak and Henry streets.

The car slammed into the house and damaged the porch steps and railing. According to witnesses, police swarmed the area with guns drawn. Police apprehended the driver, but the other suspect was able to flee the scene.

"I seen all the police pull up there," said a witness that requested anonymity. "I seen them all jump out, pull their guns and tell him to get on the ground, and the other guy was running down there with a gun, turning around and looking."

The witness requested to be anonymous because he was nervous after he saw the suspect flee with a gun.

Police said it all started when three men attempted to rob a home on Lawton Street. Police were able to catch two of the men, but one of the robbers jumped into a blue car with a driver. Police believe he was also a partner in the crime.

That led to a high speed chase for several blocks, ending when the car crashing into a home on the corner of Live Oak and Henry streets. No one was inside the home when the accident happened, but Samuel Jenkins said he had just walked down the porch just minutes before it happened.

"When I came back, I couldn't get to the house, and right where I go down the steps, that's where the car ran into it," said Jenkins. "I could have had my walking cane, walking down the step, but God moves like that, and I want to thank him for it, you know."

Family members said they can still safely use the porch until it can be fixed, and police are still investigating.

If anyone has any information, please call the Savannah-Chatham Metropolitan Police.

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