Berkeley County School Board bans parent coaches

BERKELEY COUNTY, SC (WCSC) - The Berkeley County School Board voted unanimously to ban parent coaches Tuesday evening.

It took less than 10 seconds for the board to approve the ban that keeps volunteer parents from coaching their children at both the varsity and junior-varsity levels.

Officials for both Hanahan and Berkeley High School say the new rule affects 15 coaches at each of their schools.

The new rule originally came up after parents complained about favoritism by some coaches. Coaches can be exempt if they are considered "vital to the existence of the program."

Hanahan City Administrator Johnny Cribb, who is a baseball coach at Hanahan High School, spoke at Tuesday's meeting. Cribb says because of the ban he will have stop coaching.

Hanahan High School wrestling coach Todd Ellis was also at the meeting, and said he will not be able to coach this year, which he does for free, because his son is a sophomore on the team.

His biggest concern was that the ban means less time with his son before he goes to college.

"Very upset that policy was read in and accepted," Ellis said after the meeting."The downside I have is I chose to live in this county. I chose to have children and have them go to this school, and the fact that I wanted to volunteer my time has been made a negative now."

In the board's last meeting, the proposal passed 6-1.

A petition against the proposal had more than 500 signatures, which one speaker said is more people that voted in the previous school board election.

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