Experts: Gas treatments, fuel additives won't boost gas mileage

Experts: Gas treatments, fuel additives won't boost gas mileage

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - As gas prices climb, the popularity of gas treatments and fuel additives has also increased. But experts say you may be burning more money than you're saving.

Experts recommend you invest in quality gas and regular vehicle maintenance instead.

North Charleston Meineke shop foreman Moises Martinez says the cleaners won't improve your gas mileage are your car's performance.

"I've been an automotive technician for the last 24 years. It's up to the customer what kind of treatment they want to put in their gas. I recommend none," Martinez said.

But he says the products may help slow down corrosion, lubricate some engine parts and help remove carbon deposits that that build up over time. But regular maintenance, like fuel injection cleanings every 30,000 miles, is a much better option, Martinez says.

"If you keep up with the maintenance on your car, your car's going to work properly. [If you don't], your car is not going to run in the condition you want."

Experts also say spending a bit more on quality gasoline is a better investment because the higher the gas quality, the less carbon buildup your car will have.

The website does recommend using fuel treatments if you do not use a car very often. These will help the gas from getting old and keep the engine from performing sluggishly.

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