Community raising money to cool down a Charleston playground

Community raising money to cool down a Charleston playground

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - The hot temperatures across the Lowcountry are keeping some kids away from the playground.

Parents are expressing concern about Hazel Parker Playground, located on East Bay Street. The old, metal swing set sits in direct sunlight all day and parents feel it's getting dangerously hot.

The community is now making efforts to cool the swing set down, that is visited by a lot of families due to it's proximity to the waterfront.

Charleston Parks Conservancy is getting the word out and raising money to build a new shaded swing set at Hazel Parker Playground.

So far, organizers have raised $1,500, they're hoping to collect another $3,150.

The City of Charleston has agreed to cover all the costs of installation, which will be about $1,600. The city also has agreed to build more trees in this playground area to allow for more shade.

Charleston Parks Conservancy is accepting donations for this project and once they get to their goal, the city will start installing the new shade structure.

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