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Hot tips on beating the Lowcountry heat, common myths dispelled


"Water is the best thing for you."

"Drinking water alone is enough."

If any of this heat-beating advice sounds familiar, doctors say there's more you should know. Health First Dr. Bo Machado says drinking water can prove harmful in the extreme heat if you're sweating profusely.

Machado says the loss of sweat indicates a loss of electrolytes, and adding water can only dilute the salt your body craves.

Another hot myth: "It's not heat stroke if you can still sweat."

Machado says many of the athletes he's treated often show profuse sweating and an elevated body temperature. Instead, among the signs, here's what you should look for:

- Drooping on one side of the face

- Weakness of one arm or leg

- Any abnormality on one side of the body

If you experience any of the above symptoms, or any neurological change, doctors say call 911. The symptoms are also treated with aggressive cooling with fans and mist, and IV fluids.

"A cool place and a cool mist is usually enough to hold off heat problems," he said.

Doctors warn against allergy pills and seasickness pills in the heat of the summer. Both reduce your ability to sweat.

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