Athletes, workers deal with high Lowcountry temps

Hot weather doesn't slow down athletes and workers

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - Summertime temperatures in the Lowcounty can signal a time for some to cut down on outdoor activities.

But on Thursday afternoon, some athletes and workers kept doing their thing, despite some potential heat related dangers.

In West Ashley, a father and son got some baseball practice in. The dad was hoping for more cloud cover, but the pair dealt with the lack of shade by taking breaks. Plenty of water was on hand too.

"We ain't got much sense for being out in this heat," he said.

That didn't stop the obvious signs of hot weather. Both son and dad were working up a sweat by the time they wrapped things up.

At Moultrie Playground, several girls spent hours working on their tennis skills. The group was not just competitive when it came to winning points, but battled it out for who got to play in the shade.

"It's sunny, no clouds, sourcing,  it's sourcing, we're sweating a lot," the girls said.

Under the watchful eyes of their moms, the tennis pro hopefuls were taking lots of breaks, drinking plenty of fluids.

Meanwhile, Jay Jeffers, a bike taxi driver for Charleston Rickshaw, says he'll work even if the temps get up to 99 degrees. Jeffers says he freezes a gallon of water before each shift. In between each fare, Jeffers re-hydrates and chills out.

While he's ready for the rising mercury, not all of his riders are.

"A lot of people don't understand, what they're getting themselves into when they come to Charleston just because it can get very hot," Jeffers said.

Back on the ball field, dad reminds us all that being mindful of your body's signs of dehydration is key.

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