Experts: Some car warning lights shouldn't be ignored

Experts: Some car warning lights shouldn't be ignored

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - Over the years icons have become a familiar way for us to communicate with each other and with technology, like our cell phones, computers, and cars.

Sometimes we take those pictures, filled with vital information, for granted. But some icons you shouldn't ignore when your vehicle is trying to communicate with you.

"Those lights are there for a reason so you definitely want to heed the warning of any of the lights that come on," AAA Car Care manager Shawn LaFlamme says.

Otherwise, you could end up stranded on the side of the road, spending big bucks replacing your car's engine, or heading to the dealership for a brand new car.

"The ones you really want to worry about are like the temperature light. If the temperature light comes on, you definitely want to pull over and make sure the car isn't overheating," LaFlamme said.

The coolant or engine temperature indicator means your car's engine isn't cooling properly and if the problem isn't solved immediately, you may end up facing a large repair bill.

Another major warning that you don't want to ignore involves oil pressure.

"If the oil pressure light comes on you definitely want to pull over. Make sure the oil level is where it's suppose to be," LaFlamme says.

Or that, too, could end up being a huge fix.

The other warning lights you should have checked as soon as possible, but shouldn't have you pulling over any time soon, the airbag, brake, tire pressure monitoring system, or the battery lights.

LaFlamme says ,"If that happens and your driving somewhere where you can't pull over you definitely want to go a head and turn off all the accessories ... like the A-C and the radio." This way you can preserve what's left of your battery and get to a mechanic before the car shuts off.

If your check engine light comes on don't panic. Just take it to a technician when you can. But if it starts flashing it means you've got big problems.

"It's an issue somewhere in the engine," LaFlamme says.

AAA says the best thing you can do, if a warning light comes on, is to check your owners manual. You'll find the meaning of each indicator light and what actions are required to fix the underlying problem.

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