Work set to begin Monday on new West Ashley road project

Work set to begin Monday on West Ashley Circle project
The proposed path of the new project. (Photo Source: Charleston County)
The proposed path of the new project. (Photo Source: Charleston County)

WEST ASHLEY SC (WCSC) - Work on the West Ashley Circle Project is scheduled to begin on Monday and should be finished next fall.

The project will begin near the West Ashley Walmart off Glenn McConnell Parkway to help curb over-development along Bees Ferry Road and help drivers avoid more stop and go traffic.

"The West Ashley Traffic Circle was a concept development by the City of Charleston. And basically it's a centralized circle for commercial and retail shops that they in vision. That way it stops strip malls from going up all up and down Bees Ferry Road," Charleston County Roadwise Project Manager Devri Detoma says.

Almost a year ago, Charleston County approved the construction of the remaining three quarters of the circle at the end of Glenn McConnell Parkway. One fourth of West Ashley Circle, in front of Walmart, already exists.

The circle will be incorporated into the current Bees Ferry Road Widening Project. There will be four lanes of traffic, two lanes in each direction, with a picturesque median. There will also be a multi-use path on one side and a sidewalk on the other.

"There will be two traffic lights on Bees Ferry Road, for the circle, and then there will be an additional intersection on Glenn McConnell that will not be signalized," Detoma says.

Because of the traffic light, West Ashley Circle will not be considered a roundabout. Detoma says drivers shouldn't worry about the project causing traffic problems while under construction.

"Most of the West Ashley Traffic Circle is where it's not developed. So the only time it will even impede onto Bees Ferry Road will be when they're tying in the intersections. But most of the work can be done without any traffic delays," Detoma says.

On-street parking will also be added around the project. Engineers hope to have the project finished by September 11, 2015.

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