Family caught by surprise after spotting pig in the ocean in Sullivan's Island

Tourists on Sullivan's Island caught by surprise after pig swims in

SULLIVAN'S ISLAND, SC (WCSC) - A Seattle family swimming in the ocean off Sullivan's Island were caught by surprise when they spotted a wild pig swimming not too far from them Friday morning.

Erin Schwartz said she and her family had come to the beach on their last day of vacation before catching their flight back home when they saw something swimming.

"My husband spotted it first and at first thought it was a dog," said Schwartz who was out in the water with her husband, Eric and their two kids, Luca and Ruby."It wasn't until we saw the snout and tail that my husband said,'Is that a pig?'"

The pig was about 20 to 30 feet away from the family when it was first spotted.

According to Schwartz, when the pig got closer to the shore, another nearby family saw it, and one of them helped pull the pig to the beach.

Schwartz captured pictures of the pig in the area of Station 26 1/2.

"It looked like it had been swimming for some time," Schwartz said. "It looked tired and disoriented."

Two law enforcement officials were then spotted on video capturing the pig.

Town Administrator Andy Benke confirmed Sullivan's Island police captured a 25-pound hog shortly after responding to a call that it had been spotted. At least one witness reported seeing a second hog, but only one was located.

After discussing the situation with DNR, the animal was relocated accordingly, Benke said.

"It is likely that the hog(s) were caught in the current in the upper reaches of the Wando and/or Cooper Rivers and came ashore at the first available location. This often occurs with wild animals but is more common with deer and alligators," Benke said.

Schwartz said her family spent 13 days in South Carolina for their vacation, and the highlight for them was definitely the last hour.

"Just for an hour, all of the sudden we see this pig...It was a crazy last hour," Schwartz said."It was the highlight."

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