Cadets leave for Military Magnet Academy basic training

Cadets leave for Military Magnet Academy basic training

NORTH CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - 150 student cadets said goodbye to their families Sunday as they boarded buses and left the Military Magnet Academy for the school's training camp at Fort Jackson."I've been hearing a lot of great things from other people whose children have come and did wonderful in the school," Carleen Wright, who's sending her granddaughter to the school this year, said.

The week away is the school's version of basic training."Our students learn customs and courtesies," Military Magnet Academy Principal Anderson Townsend said. "We start teaching military drill. We introduce our children to physical training."

Wright said her granddaughter Daviandra White, a rising 7th grader, had trouble following rules, but after just touring the academy, Wright knew it was the best place for her granddaughter.

"We came one day here. We met the colonel. We met the staff and before she left here, she was saying 'yes, sir, no sir'," Wright said.

The school goes from sixth grade through high school and is designed to teach discipline and use military training to help performance in the classroom.

"She wants to be a leader," Wright said. "I want her to be a good leader, and I just believe Military Magnet is the place."

This week's camp is a requirement for any new students, but it's not one everyone is looking forward to.

"We're going to separate for the first time, but I know this is best for her," Wright said.

"I'm in between happy and don't want to go," White said. Military Magnet Academy also requires students to live in Charleston County and to advance to the next grade. There is an additional training camp in the winter for families who missed the summer one.

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