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5 Around Town's 5 favorite things about the James Brown biopic "Get On Up"

Get On Up theatrical release poster. Get On Up theatrical release poster.

Born in South Carolina and raised in Georgia, James Brown was best known as the Godfather of Soul. Though, as the new biopic "Get On Up" shows us, he was also known as a Famous Flame, Mr. Dynamite and a symbol of social and political relevance.

In an interview with Jimmy Fallon, star Chadwick Boseman said he was drawn to the story of JB based on that social and political relevance. However, I thought that aspect of the entertainer is totally downplayed in "Get On Up." I also found the composition of the film to be confusing, the direction to be inconsistent and the script to be weak.

But the acting is an area where I can’t find any fault. Boseman and the supporting cast members are superb.

Here are 5 Around Town's other five favorite facts about the film.

1 - It's rated PG. That means there's no drug use or gratuitous sex. However, that also means there are no scenes where it's too hot in the hot tub.

2 - Chadwick Boseman, who stars as the legendary James Brown, grew up in Anderson, SC. He also played Jackie Robinson in "42."

3 - While Boseman portrays Brown brilliantly, it's Nelson Ellis who really shines as Bobby Byrd. Ellis, most known for portraying Lafayette on HBO's "True Blood," has some serious acting chops. I wish his character had been more developed. The lack of character development is one of the reasons I call the script weak.

4 - Brown and Boseman aren't the only Carolina connections to the film. Viola Davis, who portrays JB's mother Susie Brown, was born on her grandmother's farm in SC (though she moved to Rhode Island two months later), while Keith Robinson portrays a Famous Flames band mate. The actor, who also starred in "Dreamgirls," grew up in Greenville.

5 - The music, of course. As if Brown's sounds aren't strong enough as is, the soundtrack was supervised by Mick Jagger, who also produced the film.

"Get On Up" opens nationwide on Friday, August 1.

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