Parents sound off on future of Murray-Lasaine

Parents sound off on future of Murray-Lasaine

JAMES ISLAND, SC (WCSC) - Wednesday night, parents sounded off at Fort Johnson Middle School about the future of Murray-Lasaine Elementary School.

The school is transitioning from having both traditional and Montessori education to being a full Montessori school by 2020. Parents against the switch said they weren't informed about the decision and want to keep the dual track no matter the cost. On the other hand, parents for the switch said they're worried slowing this process down will cost more money for the district. Superintendent Nancy McGinley said the issue is not one with an easy solution and she wants to take time to rethink the switch.

"If this transition ends up feeling like or being one group winning and another losing, we have failed," McGinley said.

Right now, the school board doesn't plan to revote on the issue, but Wednesday night some parents requested they change their minds.

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