Confederate, NAACP logo both welcome on Goose Creek sign

Confederate, NAACP logo both welcome on Goose Creek sign

GOOSE CREEK, SC (WCSC) - "Welcome to Goose Creek."

The welcome sign greets thousands of commuters along Highway 52 each day, but it wasn't until a chance encounter in February that left one group feeling not so welcomed.

"The first thing I did was call an emergency meeting," said David Cakley, President of the Goose Creek NAACP.

Cakley said he received a call from a fellow NAACP member alerting him of the Confederate logo in the city's welcome sign.

He said his first instinct was to stage a protest demanding the sign come down, but instead took his grievance to the city mayor.

"He (mayor) said I'm not going to take it down because it's part of free speech," Cakley added.

Fellow NAACP member Herbert Bodison, also the branch secretary, was one of few who suggested the group rally to have their logo added, rather than requesting the Confederate logo be taken down.

"I believe in freedom, justice and equality for all," Bodison said. "I did not have a negative opinion of it, only the fact that what it represents from our history."

With city approval, the Goose Creek NAACP paid to have their logo created, which was placed on the Highway 52 welcome sign nearly two weeks ago.

"I took it to the city manager myself, and gave it to him," said Cakley.

Keith Day, former commander of the Sons of Confederate Veterans in Goose Creek, said the group's logo is a historical marker, and is not affiliated with a political, religious or hate group.

Day added he welcomes the NAACP logo, calling it a "good thing."

A spokesperson for Goose Creek said logos are approved by the city manager, at no cost to the organization, outside of production costs for the emblem.

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