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READ: Full statement of Attorney Scott Tompsett on behalf of Coach Doug Wojcik

The following statement was released by attorney Scott Tompsett on behalf of his client, former College of Charleston Head Men's Basketball Coach Doug Wojcik on Tuesday afternoon:

Today’s action by the College of Charleston will not bring closure to the College, the basketball program, or the student-athletes and their families. We have attempted several times since President McConnell took office on July 1 to engage the College in discussions to settle this matter amicably. That means a reasonable settlement of the amount owed under Coach Wojcik’s contract in return for a full release of litigation claims against the College, its officers and employees. The College did not make a good faith attempt to reach an agreement with Coach Wojcik.

Instead, as reported by the Charleston Post and Courier on July 22 and again on August 2, the College has spent its time looking “to find cause to fire (Coach) Wojcik, despite the agreement that was reached between (President) Benson and the coach” before President McConnell took office.

The College became so desperate to invent a reason to fire Coach Wojcik that it had some of the young men on the basketball team sign sworn affidavits, which we believe contain materially false statements. The College even got one of the incoming freshmen, who has never even played for Coach Wojcik, to swear under oath that he was physically abused by Coach Wojcik.

The College’s so-called second investigation was so focused on finding a way to avoid its contractual obligations, that the College completed the investigation and began termination proceedings against Coach Wojcik without even looking at the video of the incidents of alleged physical abuse. We were forced to release the video to the public to show that there was no physical abuse.

There are many other examples of the College’s attempt to create a reason to avoid its contractual obligations. They will come out at the appropriate time. But today’s action will not bring closure.

Coach Wojcik reiterates what he said over a month ago; he’s sincerely remorseful and apologizes publicly to those he hurt emotionally or offended. He is a better person because of this experience and he’ll be a better coach. He cooperated fully with the College’s first investigation and accepted President Benson’s sanctions. It’s unfortunate that the College did not leave it at that.

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