Tri-county PASS scores show mixed results

Tri-county PASS scores show mixed results

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - PASS test scores for the Tri-county show a mix of improvement and concern.

The Palmetto Assessment of State Standards test (PASS) gauges performance for third through eighth graders around the state in writing, English language arts, math, science, and social studies.

Dorchester District Two was the best performing district again.

Its best score for eighth graders was in science, where 81.2 percent of students met or exceed the standard.

Dorchester District Four, which is the smallest school district, saw big improvements, but is still the worst performer in the Tri-county.

Its lowest score for eighth graders was in English language arts, where 58.4 percent of students were passing or better.

The district's superintendent, Dr. Morris Ravenell, said he's not happy with the scores and that they show work to be done. He said the district's main focus needs to be on improving literacy.

Berkeley County hung right around average for most areas with declines in language arts and science.

In almost every area, Tri-county third graders performed better than the eighth graders.

In Charleston County, students performed slightly better than the state average but declined somewhat compared to last year.

Throughout the state, though, score were down in almost every grade and every focus area.

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