Folly shark attack concerns, but doesn't scare off vacationers

Folly shark attack concerns, but doesn't scare off vacationers

FOLLY BEACH, SC (WCSC) - A Wednesday afternoon shark attack on Folly Beach sent a boy to the hospital. While the incident weighs on the minds of some vacationing in the Lowcountry this week, they say they're worried, but won't let the attack deter their fun on the water.

Tim Manos, vacationing in a rental house just a block away from the attack, says he heard the commotion.

Manos says, "we heard many, many, fire alarm sirens going down the street."

He's surprised a shark was even spotted so close to where his family has been spending time.

Meanwhile, the Meier family from Washington, D.C., was unaware of the trouble that struck just hours before they hit the water.

"Was it right out there where my children are?," Felicia Meier asks.

Meier's children, Ken and Clara were busy enjoying the waves, while mom watched on. Her kids were a bit stunned finding out a shark was swimming a little too close for comfort.

"Why didn't you call me out of the water. I was just in the water, don't want to get attacked by a shark," Clara says.

Her brother Ken admits watching "Shark Week" on the Discovery Channel scared him in the past, but doesn't think his chances of getting bit are that great.

Dan Terlep, vacationing with his family, was taking a stroll along the beach with his young son.

While Terlep will keep a closer eye on his loved ones in the water, he concedes, "but you know what, it is the ocean. We have to share the ocean with the animals who live in there right?"

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