Advanced surveillance technology helping police identify criminals

Advanced surveillance technology helping police identify criminals

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - Over the past couple of weeks we've seen some bizarre get-ups like a towel wrapped around one man's head and another with a fake beard.

They're apparently trying to avoid the sophisticated surveillance technology businesses are installing to catch criminals on-camera.

Tv's have come a long way, from standard definition to HD.

"The same thing happened to our industry," said Mike Eykn.

Eykyn is General Manager of Coastal Burglar Alarm. The company has been installing surveillance systems for 52 years.

"Banks use them, convenience stores use them. The size of the camera has come down considerably," said Eykyn.

HD surveillance cameras these days connect to the internet letting people keep an eye on what's going on.

"I mean they can see it from anywhere. Now they see video, review video, I mean anything," Jose Noy.

Noy is CEO of ComServ, another surveillance company.

"We can cover the parking lot and at the same time be able to identify every individual inside the car and as the vehicle leave, have a license plate. Not even just the license plate, we can see the year of the license plate," said Noy.

These cameras can get in a lot closer and produce images that are clearer than your 8 mega pixel Iphone 5.

"The resolution in some of these cameras can go all the way up to 40 mega pixels," said Noy.

Noy says technology has given police the upper hand when trying to catch criminals like bank robbers caught on camera.

Noy said, "Now you can see evidence like whether they have a tattoo, whether they have any type of scares;pretty much forensic evidence that they can use."

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