Giveaway helps families with back-to-school shopping

Giveaway helps families with back-to-school shopping

SUMMERVILLE, SC (WCSC) - Like many parents, Debbie Van Vine takes part in back-to-school


Sunday, she picked up clothes for her 3rd grade son before he starts school next week, but at the B&H Banquet Hall in Summerville, the clothes were free. It was all part of a giveaway from Highway 78 Church of Christ to help families with their back-to-school needs.

"It's extremely important for those us of who can't afford to do it to have place to come to and get a little bit of help," Van Vine said.

The program is in its third year and this year received hundreds of donations from people both in and outside of the church.

"We feel that as a church, that's what we're here for is the community," Hashim Williams, a church member said. "It's the old adage, 'it take a village to raise a child', and it's just the same instance with the church. We try to give back to the community whether you have or you have not."

Van Vine lives on disability payments for income and says rising prices make it difficult to buy new clothes.

"It used to be you could get a t-shirt that they can wear to school for about $5 but now you're paying $10 to $15 easily, and when you don't have it, they just don't get," Van Vine said.

She says relies on giveaways to get clothing and supplies for her son.

"We hope to find places like this," Van Vine said. "Other than that, he just don't get sometimes, and other times it takes me a while to come up with enough money to get him the things that he needs."

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