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Rough, rainy summer for Market Street businesses; Drainage project in final phase


The Spice and Tea Exchange is just off of South Market Street on Church. Manager Devany Vickery-Davidson says it has been a rough few months.

"Yesterday was the worst day we've had, but we have had this situation probably 15 times this summer."

"What happens in the market, aside from being very low, is there are not enough storm water inlets, so the water gets held up in the street, and when it gets off out of the inlets into those small pipes below it's restricted there, too,” explains city engineer Laura Cabiness. “So, we're taking all that old undersize system and replacing it with much larger pipes."

The last phase of the Market Street Drainage Project will begin early next year and take 18 to 24 months to complete. According to the city engineer, the storm inlets or drains in the market area will be replaced. The water will be funneled into much larger pipes, which will, eventually, connect to tunnels several feet underground.

The first phase of the Crosstown Drainage Project was completed last year. City officials say the four remaining phases will take six years to complete.

"These systems are designed to work well into the future for 50 to 100 years," says Cabiness.

Officials say construction of a drainage project along Playground Road in Maryville will begin within a year.


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