Neighbors frustrated by Crosstown flooding

VIDEO: Neighbors frustrated by Crosstown flooding

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - Along the Crosstown, a problem that has been around as long as the Nichols Chapel AME Church has been standing left the congregation stranded and praying for a way out during the weekend's heavy downpour.

Mamie Poole has lived along President Street near the Crosstown for 27 years, but says this past weekend's flooding from heavy rain and an especially high tide is the worst she has seen in quite some time.

"When you can get in a street and paddle a canoe, that water is high and this is not the first time," Poole said.

Poole's church, Nichols Chapel AME, is right across the street from her house.

Poole says she was attending a funeral service at the church Saturday that was expected to only last one or two hours, but instead turned

into a 9-hour ordeal because of flooding.

Church members waited out the high water that flooded several cars and even swept one away.

"This weekend really took the cake because it was so different it rose up so fast," Poole said.

Albert Nelson wasn't at Saturday's service, but he has lived in the same house on President Street for 45 years.

"The water is just a big inconvenience when you get a high tide you get a lot of water," Nelson said.

Both Poole and Nelson are waiting for a flooding fix.

"I would like to see things change and get better for everybody," Poole said.

"Whether they have a set date I don't know but the quicker the better, I can tell you that," Nelson said.

The Crosstown drainage project is expected to be finished by 2020. The state director of the DOT, as well as state and local leaders will be at a town hall meeting beginning at 6 p.m. Tuesday at Nichols Chapel AME Church.