Mt. Pleasant Town Council lowers height limit at Shem Creek

Mt. Pleasant Town Council lowers height limit at Shem Creek

MT. PLEASANT, SC (WCSC) - Tuesday night, the Mount Pleasant Town Council voted 9-0 to lower the height limit on buildings at Shem Creek from 55 feet to 45 feet.

“This is not what we want for our community,” One speak said of plans to building a 55-foot parking garage and office building in the Shem Creek area. “I'm not saying they are bad plans or plans made carelessly, or with evil intentions. They are just plans that we, the people who live here, do not agree with."

The council also voted to maintain the 55-foot limit for properties already zoned for 55 feet and to keep The Boulevard, Moultrie Plaza, and Sea Island Crossing at 75, but measure the buildings by the interior height instead of the exterior. Most of the more than 25 speakers on the issue counted it as a win.

"The number one place that people want to see when they come to Mt. Pleasant is Shem Creek,” Councilman Gary Santos said. “They want to eat the seafood. They want to see the boats and things like that, so we want to kind of keep that ambiance the way it is."

Gary Santos has been the most outspoken council member about lowering heights along Coleman, which were set by the Coleman Revitalization Advisory Board in 2008.

Some residents who are in favor of the current limit said they believed lowering the heights would create sprawl in the city and push away new development.

The council's vote will now go to the planning commission and then back to the town council.

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