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5 Around Town's 5 favorite things about Crosby, Still and Nash

Scenes from the Crosby, Stills and Nash concert in Charleston. Scenes from the Crosby, Stills and Nash concert in Charleston.
CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - Crosby, Stills and Nash played the North Charleston Performing Arts Center on Tuesday and, in case you were wondering, the folk rock supergroup can most definitely still rock.

While the crowd skewed slightly older than your usual rock concert, there were a few youngins in the audience, though most were accompanied by their parents. And speaking of that older crowd, it was quite impressive how tech savvy they were. Fans jumped to their feet to snap selfies and pictures of Stephen Stills rocking out at the front of the stage. No doubt many of those pics were posted on Facebook and Instagram by the end of the night.

We saw who was young and who was young at heart when CSN sang "Stop Children" and the packed house all sang along to "Our House."

Here are 5 Around Town's other five favorite moments.

1 - When introducing the band, we learned that composer and keyboardist James Raymond is from Charleston. When Googling him after the show, we also learned that Raymond is David Crosby's biological son who was put up for adoption in 1962.

2 - Both Nash and Crosby dedicated songs to Robin Williams. Before "Choice and Chance," Crosby said, "This is a song about choice and chance and I'm gonna dedicate it to our friend Robin." Nash said he'd only played the song he dedicated to Williams once before. As he played piano, accompanied by a single guitar, the lyrics to "In the Blink of an Eye" hit hard when Nash sang, "Your world turned upside down. Your world came tumbling down." This truly is the music of a generation. Robin's generation.

3 - Close to the end of the show, Crosby told the crowd he wanted to correct a mistake about this band. "We are not a political band," he said, "except for maybe 18 songs and a political march." He continued, "I do not believe that the men who wrote our constitution thought that the guy with the biggest TV budget gets the keys to our kingdom. I'm just sayin'. Things are worse now than they were then. We've been singing it all this time and it's done no good, but we're gonna sing it anyway." The band then performed a very moving version of "What Are Their Names?"

4 - Two favorites closed out the night. "Love the One Your With" was the last song, followed by an encore of "Teach the Children."

5 - The show officially ended with the following statement; "We hope we touched your hearts and your minds and we wish you peace."

The band's new album CSNY 1974 is out now. This is the nineteenth album by Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young, their seventh in the quartet configuration and their fifth live album.

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