CCSD amps up effort to fight bullying against LGBT students

CCSD amps up effort to fight bullying against LGBT students

CHARLESTON COUNTY, SC (WCSC) - Charleston County teachers and staff are doing some additional training this year to fight bullying.

The district's spokesperson says the training centers around their lesbian-gay-bisexual-transgender or LGBT students.

"In national surveys, LGBT students are twice as likely to be harassed verbally or physically in school than other students," says Warren Redman-Gress, the executive director of the Alliance for Full Acceptance.

While the training for the teachers is online, Redman-Gress worked with a hundred district employees this week. He says they worked through various scenarios that could come up.

"I think we've become a society where many people will refrain from harassing in certain areas, maybe around race or ethnicity, but sexual orientation and gender identity are still pretty common areas for kids to harass one another, sometimes even for teachers to harass kids."

He stressed that school policies should be enforced fairly and equally.

"For example, public displays of affection in school and says we can't allow that. Well, we can't allow it between gay students and we can't allow it between the straight students."

The district's policy clearly states that harassing or threatening anyone based on gender and sexual orientation will not be tolerated.

"We have to treat kids equally. That's really important. It's important for kids to know that. It helps create that safe environment."

Representatives for Dorchester District 2 and Berkeley County say they have not implemented any kind of staff training that specifically focuses on LGBT anti-bullying. Live 5 News has not heard back from DD4.