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Hoover Schools System releases proposed rezoning maps

The proposed rezoning affects areas like the Carisbrooke subdivision of Bluff Park. Source: WBRC video The proposed rezoning affects areas like the Carisbrooke subdivision of Bluff Park. Source: WBRC video

Hoover parents continue to try to convince Superintendent Andy Craig to change proposed rezoning plans.

On Wednesday, parents of the Carisbrooke community of Bluff Park had a closed meeting with Craig.

Parents say the meeting went well and they're going to keep voicing their concerns about the possible changes. One concern is that parents are worried about their property values dropping.

"The unlikely hood of where your children are going to be going to school, I think it'll hurt," said Jessica Daviston, parent of Bluff Park Elementary School. "People love Bluff Park Elementary School and we live in our community for that elementary school and that's why we all bought homes in Bluff Park and Carisbrooke. We think it'll hurt property values."

Daviston lives in one of the areas that may be rezoned.

"It's a very vulnerable feeling because we feel we have no control over our children's future. That's being ripped from us," said Daviston.

If the proposed rezoning plan is passed some students who attend Bluff Park Elementary School will be transferred to nearby Gwin Elementary.

Some of the streets in that area are Carisbrooke Parkway, Rockhaven Drive, Shadeswood Drive, Farley Terrace.

"Gwin is a great school, that's not the concern. Our concern is our Bluff Park community staying together," said Daviston.

Sandya Ananth daughter's is thinking about moving back to Hoover and buying a home in the Carisbrooke subdivision. But rezoning will affect that.

"She wants her child to go to the same schools she went to," said Ananth. "And if this happens to us we have to say 'no' to her from moving in to Carisbrooke."

Parents FOX6 News spoke with after the meeting say they haven't noticed overcrowding at Bluff Park Elementary. They say they don't understand why it's necessary to transfer students.

But it's something Craig is calling a look forward approach.

"We are at capacity at several of our schools, at the other schools we'll be at capacity very, very soon. We like to think we are proactive, not reactive," said Jason Gaston with Hoover City Schools.

The superintendent says at some point he'll be working with the U.S. Justice Department regarding this plan.

He says before the board votes on the final rezoning plan, there will be public meetings for people to give feedback.

If you would like to review the proposed rezoning maps, please visit the following links:

For a summary of the plan, click here.

For a PDF of the rezoning maps, click here.

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