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Medical facility Muscle Shoals shooter visited issues statement

Reagan Jones shot his sister before a standoff with police in which he was ultimately killed. (Source: WAFF) Reagan Jones shot his sister before a standoff with police in which he was ultimately killed. (Source: WAFF)

The medical facility family members said a Muscle Shoals man visited - and was turned back from - has issued a statement in the day following a shooting incident that ultimately claimed his life.

It happened Wednesday at the Arbor Village Apartments in Muscle Shoals.

Family members said Reagan Jones shot his sister and then barricaded himself inside his apartment, firing shots at police.

Heath Gregory said his wife has been released from the hospital and is recovering from her injuries.

As for the entire incident, he said he feels this all could have been prevented. Gregory said his brother-in-law sought out medical assistance for his mental status before the shooting took place.

He said his wife showed up to help her brother, and that's when he shot her, thus sparking the standoff with police.

Gregory said Jones tried to get help from Riverbend Mental Facility but was turned away and given an appointment for next month.

Facility Director Bryan Libell sent this statement:

“I want to express my sympathy to the family regarding this tragic event. Federal law prevents Riverbend from discussing the specifics regarding any patient. Riverbend Center for Mental Health is an outpatient treatment facility whose normal business hours are from 8:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. 

"Riverbend operates a crisis line for emergencies after hours, weekends and holidays that is staffed by Master’s level therapists. When Riverbend receives a telephone call or walk-in requesting services, clinical information is gathered to determine services needed. 

"When an individual identifies that they are in crisis, are suicidal, and/or believe they are a danger to themselves or others, arrangements are made for them to be seen the same day. If the person does not identify a crisis, an appointment time for evaluation is scheduled. If they believe they need to be seen sooner, arrangements are made for an earlier appointment. 

"Individuals are encouraged to contact Riverbend, if they experience problems prior to their scheduled appointment. Riverbend does not deny services to individuals in crisis, and as a community mental health center, appointments are scheduled the same, regardless of the individual’s ability to pay.”

The Alabama Bureau of Investigation has since taken over the investigation into the shooting.

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