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Dash cam video shows dangers deputies encounter every day


In a previous story we gave you the numbers of what some professional athletes make in comparison to law enforcement officers. As Jones County Sheriff Alex Hodge said, It’s not about making that kind of money, it’s about making people aware of what they do and the value of that.

“We lose good men and women everyday because they can't make ends meet,” said Jones County Major Jamie Tedford.

Dash cam videos from the Jones County Sheriff’s Department gives you a glimpse into the dangers deputies encounter every day for little pay.

According to Tedford, at least 5 Jones County deputies have been injured within a year. 

On August 27, the Jones County Sheriff's Department responded to a family disturbance. According to the department, as deputies attempted to arrest Adam Mills, he became combative. During the altercation with Mills, Deputy Jody White broke his leg and had to undergo surgery the following day. 

“It's not always about the dollar, it’s about the value,” said Sheriff Hodge. “What's the value of that job, what is the value of what that person is doing for the people,” asked Hodge.

This story is not to take away from what other jobs pay and it’s not to take away from what professional athletes or entertainers make.

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